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Age Old Organics

Age Old Organics are high-quality liquid nutrients derived from fish solubles, feathermeal, colloidal phosphates, seaweed extract, borax, and complex sugars. Both formulas include micronutrients in addition to all major and secondary elements. Age Old nutrients are excellent for soil because they are more concentrated than other liquid organics. They are NOT recommended for hydroponics by the manufacturer, but many of our customers have reported success in hydroponic applications.

  • Age Old Grow Formula (12-6-6) pint
  • Age Old Grow Formula (12-6-6) quart
  • Age Old Grow Formula (12-6-6) gallon
  • Age Old Grow Formula (12-6-6) 2.5 gallon
  • Age Old Bloom Formula (5-10-5) pint
  • Age Old Bloom Formula (5-10-5) quart
  • Age Old Bloom Formula (5-10-5) gallon
  • Age Old Bloom Formula (5-10-5) 2.5 gallon
Age Old Liquid Kelp

Supplies your plants with the vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, K, riboflavin-niacin, choline-carotene, pantothene, auxins, giberellins, cytokinins, and 21 amino acids. This product has a variety of uses around the garden, from seed soak to foliar spray.

  • Age Old Liquid Kelp 16 oz
  • Age Old Liquid Kelp 32 oz
  • Age Old Liquid Kelp gallon
Age Old Optimize Amino Acid Supplement

Age Old Optimize is a patented protein hydrolysate solution that combinesall 18 essential amino acids. Amino acids are in the L-form, biologicallypure and are in an active free state. The resulting compounds enhance thechelating effect of nutrients and are readily absorbed into the plant’s activegrowing system.

  • Age Old Optimize Amino Acid Supplement quart
Age Old Humic 12

A 12% humic acid concentrate, humic 12 increases the cation exchange capacity at the root zone which improves the uptake and availability of nutrients to the plant. Humic 12 conditions the soil by creating a friendly environment for beneficial soil microbes, and also acts as a buffering agent which reduces pH fluctuation and the toxic effect of salt build-up from chemical fertilizers.

  • Age Old Humic 12, 32 oz
  • Age Old Humic 12, gallon


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