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Earth Juice

Earth Juice is an advanced liquid nutrient that can be used in hydroponics, hydro-organics, and conventional soil gardening. Earth Juice is 100% organic--no synthetics, no artificial additives, and no nitrate-producing urea! There are five products in the Earth Juice family.

Earth Juice Grow (2-1-1) is an excellent all-purpose fertilizer especially good for vigorous vegetative growth.

  • Earth Juice Grow (2-1-1) Quart
  • Earth Juice Grow (2-1-1) Gallon

Earth Juice Bloom (0-3-1) contains almost no nitrogen and will encourage abundant fruits, flowers and vegetables.

  • Earth Juice Bloom (0-3-1) Quart
  • Earth Juice Bloom (0-3-1) Gallon

Earth Juice Catalyst (0.03-0.01-0.10) is a media conditioner that helps the plant assimilate nutrients more efficiently.

  • Earth Juice Catalyst (0.03-0.01-0.10) Quart
  • Earth Juice Catalyst (0.03-0.01-0.10) Gallon

Earth Juice Microblast supplies chelated micronutrients which are more readily available and safer for plant uptake. These micronutrients (magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper & boron) are buffered in a blend of phyto-acids, sugars, & chelating agents.

  • Earth Juice Microblast Quart
  • Earth Juice Microblast Gallon

Rainbow Mix

Rainbow Mix, from the makers of Earth Juice, is an excellent 100% organic dry nutrient. Rainbow Mix is blended from an array of naturally occurring ingredients, including bat guano, sea kelp, bone meal, and rock phosphate. Blend with soil before planting in containers or outside beds, then add as top dressing every 1-2 months. Another approach is to blend Rainbow Mix into the soil, then add supplemental nutrients with an organic liquid fertilizer such as Earth Juice.

  • Rainbow Mix Grow (5-5-2) 5 lbs.


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