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Bushmaster, mixed by Emerald Triangle, slows down and halts the vertical growth, creating more compact plants. At the same time vertical growth ceases, the plant starts to become very bushy, producing lateral branching and eventually producing much more surface area for flowers to form, thus greatly increasing the yield. Works well in soil or hydro, indoors or out. Ingredients include a proprietary kelp extract.

  • Bushmaster 8oz


With a little planning ahead, you can have flowering results that will "bloom" your mid. Apply Emerald Triangle's Gravity solution one time three weeks before plants finish their flowering cycle. Gravity works well in conjunction with your current nutrients and additives, and will help flowers become denser and tighter than ever before.

Gravity is unlike any other flower-finishing product on the market. It fills out flower clusters and increases total flower mass without interfering with flower scent and color. Based on natural ingredients, Gravity is the brother of Bushmaster, the popular plant height controller used at the beginning of flowering. Like Bushmaster, Gravity is recommended for flowering plants and not fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers due to fruit drop.

  • Gravity 8oz
  • Gravity quart


Purple Maxx

Humboldt County's own Purple Maxx is completely organic. Made from hydroponics central in Humboldt Country, California's Emerald Triangle manufacturers, Purple Maxx used to be called Stacker and has been shown to improve essential oil production. Purple Maxx is a combination of organic compounds that encourages plants to "stack" their flowering sites closer together, producing more flowers. This nutrient solution is dye-free and incredibly versatile. Use it with soil or hydroponics growing, inside or outside.

  • Pureple Maxx 8oz

Snow Storm

Buy local! Humboldt County, California, is home to some of the most dedicated and innovative hydroponics suppliers in the world. Snow Storm Ultra, created by Emerald Triangle, is a potassium supplement which assists with essential oil production. If you're familiar with other products in the Emerald Triangle line, such as Snow Storm and Purple Maxx, you'll find Snow Storm Ultra the ideal, optimized combination. Be secure that you're feeding your plants quality nutrients -- Snow Storm Ultra contains no carbohydrates or sugar water.

  • Snow Storm 8oz


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