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Maxsea Dry Plant Foods

Maxsea is a blend of North Atlantic seaweed complemented by primary plant foods and important secondary and minor elements. Maxsea is a good blend of synthetic and organic ingredients for gardeners who want the immediate availability of synthetic minerals along with the well-known growth and health benefits of natural seaweed. Maxsea's nutrients are in concentrated, water soluble form and will go to work immediately. Maxsea is an excellent choice for foliar as well as root feeding. The seaweed powder in Maxsea gives it the fresh, clean aroma of the sea.

Maxsea All Purpose Plant Food (16-16-16) is designed for year 'round use on all plants, indoors and outdoors. Completely balanced, Maxsea All Purpose promotes vigorous, sturdy plants with distinct, dark seaweed green foliage, quality blossoms, and fruit.

  • Maxsea All Purpose Plant Food (16-16-16) 1.5 lbs

Maxsea Bloom Plant Food (3-20-20) is especially formulated to improve flowering, bud set, bud count and blossom size. Use Maxsea Bloom when flowering plants are beginning to set buds. Continue to use throughout the blooming period for superior blossoms and abundant fruit.

  • Maxsea Bloom Plant Food (3-20-20) 1.5 lbs
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