Mycohrrizal Inoculants
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Dry Inoculants

This dry product contains mychorrizal fungi spores, along with sea kelp and humic acid, to protect plant roots from disease and improve plant health. Mychorrizal spores are beneficial fungi, and they colonize the root zone to prevent the growth of harmful fungi and other root diseases.

  • AHL Mycorrhizal Inoculant 1 lb
  • AHL Mycorrhizal Inoculant 5 lb
  • GH Subculture M 5.3oz
  • Great White Premium Mycorrhizae 1oz
  • Great White Premium Mycorrhizae 4oz
  • Roots Organics Oregonism 4oz
  • GreenGro Ultra-Fine Mycorrhizae 8oz
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