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  Earth Tonic is a biodynamically enhanced sea mineral concentrate containing literally all Earth-bound elements. This results in over 90 elements for your plants to choose from rather than the 17 elements in most hydroponic nutrients.

Think of Earth Tonic as biological minerals, like a tool kit for life. The ingredients include Gulf Stream ocean water, Himalayan crystal salt, colloidal clay, nettle’s tea, and the biodynamic preperations BD500-508. The ingredients are prepared and potentized in proprietary ways. The result of this alchemical summit isover 90 naturally occuring elements, humic acids, naturally occuring vitamins, and primary metabolic compounds unique to the properties of the specific plants and herbs contained within.

By providing these tools to plants and the microbes that help them, we are harnessing the full potential of life by increasing the nutrient density of our food and catalyzing the nutrient cycling capabilities of microbes.

The magic of soil is the living microbes. There’s another universe down there, up to 500,000 bacteria can fit in the exclamation point at the end of this sentence! Plants use most of them, but microbes use every single element on the periodic table to create the compounds that allow them to do their work and that result in the materials that form plant food. What if you hired someone to build a house and only provided them half of the tools?

For instance, a hydroponic tomato can be grown using only 17 elements, but it ends up with more than 17 elements in its tissue…what are we missing?

TONIC is derived from 100% natural materials
TONIC makes other gardening products work better
TONIC allows you to use over 90 elements in your hydroponic system, not 17
TONIC allows enzyme & vitamin products to work better
TONIC unlocks the potential energy of microbiology in living compost tea solutions
TONIC acts as a natural pest control…from the inside
TONIC is everything.
Why not give your plants everything?

Inspired by the work of Maynard Murray and Rudolf Steiner, Earth Tonic bridges the chasm created by the idea of “essential nutrients”, or the idea that plants and ecosystems only need a certain number of elements to thrive. Allowing the plant to eat what it desires, rather than what we have figured out they have to have results in stronger plants with increased nutrient densities and a greater propensity to withstand environmental stresses.

  • Earth Tonic Sea Mineral Supplement 120ml
  • Earth Tonic Sea Mineral Supplement 500ml


Earth Recharge (formerly BD Thunder) is a genuine BioDynamic creation created on a certified organic farm. It is highly concentrated, with as little as little as 1 teaspoon per gallon (0.001%) of soil/growing media producing visual benefits.

Earth Recharge is a premium humus containing select arcane ingredients, myriad beneficial microorganisms, and dynamic minerals and micronutrients, just the food your soil or growing media needs to produce healthy roots, leaves, flowers, and fruit.

Earth Recharge is a microsoil. By using it in hydroponics or soilless mixes like Sunshine or Pro-Mix, you can create a soil-like environment without having to pay a premium in the garden center. Use it in every growing situation.

  • Earth Recharge (formerly BD Thunder) 3.5 cups
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