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Aeroponic cloning machines are one of the latest indoor garden revolutions. These machines are designed for both ease of use and maximum productivity. Cuttings are taken and then suspended through neoprene collars in the tops of the systems--no other medium is used. This allows an oxygen-rich aeroponic mist to spray onto the cuttings 24 hours a day until roots appear. Rooting can occur in as little as 3-10 days depending on plant type and environmental conditions. AHL carries Botanicare Clone Machines from American Agritech as well as EZ Clone Machines.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use 16-18 hours of fluorescent light for cuttings.
  • Mist leaves once or twice a day since these machines don't use humidity domes.
  • Try keeping lights off for the first day if cuttings show signs of stress.
  • Transplant rooted cuttings directly into soil or soilless grow medium. For hydroponic applications using grow rocks or rockwool, it's usually best to wrap the root area of the cutting in a small rockwool or Oasis cube (cut in half) to protect the delicate roots from transplant shock.
  • Sterilize clone machines in between every use.


TurboKlone Machines

The revolution is here!
The TurboKlone gives you more clone sites & more oxygen to the rooting zone…

while creating less heat and less mess. An absolute must have for serious growers!

  • TurboKlone T48
  • TurboKlone T96



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