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Air Purification

There are many good reasons to keep garden room air clean and fresh, from removing musty odors to killing potentially harmful bacteria and mold spores. AHL offers a variety of products, in a wide range of prices, to suit almost every need.

AHL Ozone Generator

Inline Ozone Generators

One of the most powerful air purifiers available. A special UV bulb causes oxygen molecules (O2) to acquire an extra oxygen atom and become ozone (O3)- nature's own powerful air cleaner, and the reason for the "clean" smell in the air after a thunderstorm. The Inline Ozonator has a 4" flange on each end allowing the user to clean air either before air enters a grow area or as the air is being exhausted. Ozonator bulbs should be replaced every 6-12 months as needed to maintain proper effectiveness. 2-year limited warranty, six-month warranty on UV bulb.

  • AHL Inline Ozonator
Ozonator Replacement Bulbs & Ballast
  • Ozonator Replacement Bulb
  • Ozonator Jr. Replacement Bulb
  • Ozonator Ballast (works with all models)

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon is one of the best substances for removing organic molecules, including odor, from the environment. Air is either pulled or pushed through the canister using a centrifugal fan or other high-powered fan. To guarantee maximum effectiveness, carbon filters are usually used as part of an exhaust system to treat outgoing air. The centrifugal fan is placed on top of the filter where it pulls stale air from the room and exhausts it through duct tubing. If the filter is located outside the garden area, flip the fan over to move air in the opposite direction and pull exhaust air from the grow room through aluminum ducting into the filter. Carbon filters are sold according to the total watts of light in the area rather than by volume of the space. As a general rule, use at least 150 CFM of air flow per 1000 watts of light. Please contact AHL if you need additional information to select the right carbon filter and fan.

Phresh Activated Carbon Air Filters

Gardeners attaching a Phresh Activated Carbon Air Filter to their ventilation system's exhaust can remove 99% of odor-causing organic particles in one pass. These filters maintain their odor-stopping power for 24 months and include a flange. It is recommended to match flange size with same inline fan of the same flange diameter.

  • Phresh 4" Filter
  • Phresh 6" Filter
  • Phresh 8" Filter
  • Phresh 10" Filter
  • Phresh 12" Filter
  • Phresh Replacement Pre-Filter for 4"x12" Filter
  • Phresh Replacement Pre-Filter for 6"x16" Filter
  • Phresh Replacement Pre-Filter for 8"x24" Filter
  • Phresh Replacement Pre-Filter for 10"x24" Filter

(Please see our selection of Inline Centrifugal Fans & Aluminum Ducting, sold separately).

ONA Odor Neutralizing Agent

Use to eliminate odors in the indoor garden environment. ONA products are a blend of 32 essential oils and plant-derived compounds, and work by bonding with odor molecules and rendering them odorless. Great for small gardens! ONA is available in three forms:

ONA Gel Block - This semi-solid block of ONA can be placed directly in the garden area, or in ventilation ducting to eliminate odors as air is exhausted. Remove the top or poke holes in the container to release the ONA as required. Each block lasts 7-21 days depending on how much surface area is exposed to air.

  • ONA Gel Block, 6 oz solid

ONA Gel Odor Counteractant - This hydroscopic polymer gel has been saturated with ONA liquid odor counteractant. Open the lid and place near the odor source. Regulate strength by exposing more or less surface to the air. The gel will work for 4-5 weeks, and can then be reconstituted by adding ONA Liquid Odor Counteractant (sold separately).

  • ONA Gel, 1 liter

ONA Liquid Odor Counteractant - This liquid can be added to misting systems or humidifiers, or use small containers of concentrate throughout the garden area. Also used to reconstitute the Gel Odor Counteractant (sold separately). 

  • ONA Liquid, 1 liter
  • ONA Liquid, 4 liter





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