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If you want more information about hydroponics or other methods of indoor gardening, look no further than AHL's book department! This selection of informative material will keep you up-to-date on the latest techniques, and help you get the most from your gardening experience.

Hydroponic Food Production

by Howard Resh (527 pages)

Often referred to as "the Bible of Hydroponics," this book provides comprehensive information on every aspect of hydroponics for commercial growers or advanced home gardeners. 

Hydroponics: Questions & Answers for Successful Growing

by Howard Resh (198 pages)

This book is a series of 278 questions and answers with one of the world's leading experts in hydroponic food production. Q&As are grouped according to topic, with more information on specific crops (tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, European cucumbers, peppers) than typical hydroponic guide books. 

Gardening Indoors

by George Van Patten (356 pages)

Published in late 2002, this is the 4th edition of a classic text that is both enlightening and entertaining. Excellent for beginners or intermediate gardeners. Van Patten covers a little bit of everything (hydroponics, indoor soil gardens, grow lights, nutrients, watering cycles, pests, diseases, and much more) in a conversational style that is easy to read and understand. Plentiful photos, drawings and diagrams enhance the learning experience.  $24.95

The Insatiable Gardener's Guide

By Susan M. Brackney, (144 pages)

From lighting and plant propagation to climate control, common indoor pests, and everything in between.

Hydroponic Basics

By George Van Patten (80 pages)

The basics of soiiless gardening indoors.



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