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CO2 Enrichment

Carbon Dioxide can be depleted rapidly in an indoor environment, causing plant growth to slow down or even stop. The most basic approach is to ensure sufficient and consistent ventilation and air exchange in the garden area. (See Ventilation & Air Exchange products). Proper ventilation should provide normal outdoor or household CO2 levels of about 300 parts per million (ppm). However, many indoor or greenhouse gardeners intentionaly add CO2 to the air to increase rates of photosynthesis. CO2 can be added using bottled CO2, compressed gas available at industrial welding or gas supply companies. It may also be added to larger areas using CO2 generators, which burn liquid propane or natural gas to create CO2.

CO2 Enrichment Slow Release

ExHale Bags

The ExHale CO2 bag is a simple and effective CO2 enrichment system for smaller gardens. ExHale bags release a slow and steady flow of CO2 from a growing mycelial mass. This system can release CO2 for up to 6 months. Just put the bag in the grow room and watch your plants increase their growth rates and vigor!

  • ExHale CO2 Bag

CO2 Enrichment Systems for CO2 Bottles/Tanks

Titan CO2 Regulator
  • Titan CO2 regulator
Digital Timer

This programmable timer will run for as little as one minute, with up to six different settings every day. A battery backup remembers your settings if the power supply is interrupted. 1-year warranty.

CO2 Generators

A specialized generator burns a controlled flame to release carbon dioxide into the environment. This method produces the lowest cost per unit of CO2- less than half that of bottled gas! CO2 generators are available for a natural gas or liquid propane fuel supply. Generators are sold according to the volume of CO2 produced per hour. 2-year limited warranty, 90-day warranty on electrical components. Please email for additional information.

AHL stocks LP only but can special order or drop ship natural gas models. Generators can also be calibrated for specific elevations over 3500'. Let us know when ordering if you are below 3500' or above 6500', and what the approximate elevation is.

Auto Pilot CO2 Generator
  • Auto Pilot CO2 Generator
CO2 Test Kit

Simple testing device to determine the level of CO2 in your atmosphere. Includes two test tubes, each good for a single test. 

  • CO2 Test Kit
  • Replacement CO2 Test Tubes


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