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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Below are some of the many positive unsolicited comments from our customers. Please email us your comments- your feedback helps us serve you better.

"You guys are awesome! I had a problem with my ballast, and in a matter of minutes, everything was made right. I'm an AHL customer for life!"

"The unit is fantastic! I am over pleased! It is set up and working magically :-) Thanks so much for your help. We have always been able to count on you all. Will be in town likely late March and drop by. Again thanks for your great products and exceptional customer service!"

"I talked with Travis on the phone and found him to be quite helpful! I hope to do business with AHL very soon thanks!"

"I would like to thank you, once again, for your great service, fair pricing, quality products and the fact that you don't make your profit on freight like some do. It is a pleasure doing business (with) you."

"Being retired and on a fixed income, I have to shop for the best deal. AHL has the best price, the best shipping rates and the fastest service on the internet. Thanks AHL. You have earned my future business. (PS: I ordered on the 1st and received my order on the 4th. WOW !!!)"

"thanks for the info, ahl has been very helpful in all of my needs. I wish we had a shop as good as yours up here in southern colorado."

"Thank you for your prompt shipment. It was a pleasure ordering from you. Your website was very informative."

"Have heard many good things about your store from a friend and said he has always liked the service u provide and found the site very easy to use and can't wait for the product."

"Your customer service is much appreciated and you will most certainly keep my business because of it."

"Thanks for the prompt attention and service you folks provide to your customers."

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the help that you guys have given me over the past few weeks. Thanks to all your advice on what products to use and how to use them, my garden is in full bloom and working really well."

"Thank you for all your freindly help, it is a pleasure doing business with you."

"Have recently ordered from you and I'm highly satisfied with your services."

"Thanks Travis! Your company is class A all the way!"

"Congrats on the 10 years in business. Always my first choice in hydro supplies. You should see the 2 foot long hydro cukes I grew this year."

"Thanks! I've trusted your site for the past 4 years. Please keep up the great work."

"I really do appreciate your quick response, and willingness to help. My friend was right about the service you provide. I will definitely keep you in mind for future purchases."

"BTW thank you for your prompt response; I sent this same price quote request to 7 other places and you were the only one who bothered to reply...doesn't really say much about the competition, eh? :("

"Again, thaks for the great customer service. I have always received great service and reccomendation from you and you staff. I am a very pleased patron. Have a great weekend."

"You have been very helpful thank you very much. I am always so very appreciative of the information you and others in the store give me. If it weren't for the gentleman named Adam who walked me through literally farming hydro and assuring me it's not as hard as it looks, I would not have had such tasty lettuce, chiles, funny looking carrots, and huge tomatoes."

"Thanks for the help, you guys have always come through with great service. This is my 5th or 6th Internet order from you and I'm very happy with your site."

"I recieved my light movers yesterday, and installed them today. These are by far the best movers on the market. Thanks for the excellent customer service. You'll be hearing from me again. Thanks....."

"Thanks a bunch everything regarding the order sounds great. I can't say enough what a great store you guys have and how much I wish every company I dealt with was like yours."

"Thank you very much for installing my fluorescent tubes into the fixture I purchased; I think it made for much safer shipping arrangement. Thank you also for the timely delivery and excellent service."

"Thanks! You guys are excellent! Looking forward to dealing w/ you in the future..."

"wish I had found your site from the get go. Aloha!"

"I appreciate the customer service and will make every attempt to start making my hydroponic purchases from AHL. Indeed, I wished I had known about y'all sooner, as your price for the 430 SonAgro replacement lamp is anywhere from $10-20 cheaper than what I've seen elsewhere."

"My order got here faster than anything I have ever ordered online. Thank you very much for the incredible service."

"You have a great website, by the way."

"Thank you for your fast and well mannered reply to my last e-mail."

"Hey Travis and everyone else at AHL! We just wanted to say how great the web site is. Very welcoming and informative. We're recommending it to all our friends here in West Virginia. Keep up the great work!"

"Thank you very much for the very timely response to this order. I will most likely be doing all of my business or the majority of it online like this. I will certainly be returning to your company for practically all of my growing needs. Thank you very much."

"Thanks for your quick and helpful response. Combined with your website, product options and prices, AHL sounds tops so far as a supplier of these bricks, for which I've been searching out a long time. I expect to place an order soon."

"I ordered the system on line just now. Of the people I contacted you were the most helpful so you got the order. Will order some additional items later."

"I must thank you for your kindness and humanity. Certainly, I will learn a lot from your worth website and I will be thankful to you. I wish success and health for you and your staff."

"I have ordered from you guys before and was very pleased...thanx..."

"Thank you for your speedy reply. The info you sent was exactly what i needed. I will be ordering soon. Thanx again..."

"hey--got the shipment today--looks great, and everything is intact! thanks a million, and thanks, as well, for the bubblegum. . .nice touch. :) you've definitely got my future business!"

"Thanks for your help. Your web site is very invormative and user friendly."

"Thank You. I've never had so much fun and success with gardening since I started with your system, just a few short weeks ago. What growth. Phenomenal!"

"i do not usually order online, but u guys have been great."

"You guys still have the best site/deals online."

"I did just get a light from your company & love it , Thanks..."

"Thanks for the thoughtful reply! BTW, that free shipping feature is very attractive."

"Thank you very much for the idea about the timer, and thank you for your honesty. That is a lost characteristic with most folks, thanks."

"I placed another order with AHL on the weekend. I simply can't find better deals."

"I like you people because you have been informative and prompt and you make sure that my payments are done properly."

"Thanks for taking the time to answer. I appreciate it."

"Thanks so much, guys. You`ve been more than a great help."

"Best deal I can find."

"I was gonna buy an emilys garden, but thought I'd check out your site first...you guys are cheap man!"

"Thanks for being so prompt in letting me know what's going on with my order. I really do appreciate it."

"Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

"The order already arrived! Great service as always, tell Brian thanks!"

"like your site!! well done!!"

"Thanks Travis, you have been most helpful and informative, Ill send my order asap. Peace"


"The free shipping is great and 5% off of the total bill bacause i ordered this item online is also great. Looking forward to recieving this awesome lighting system. Thank you"


"I'm glad to see that you have a web site now, it's a great one."


"My order arrived safely and in excellent condition--thank you."

"Thanks Travis------as always YOUR THE BEST! My hydro garden was fantastic and I'm loving the fact that I can grow vegetables despite the weather here on my little rock island :> "

"thank you 4 your help."

"nice site!"

"you guys rock!"

"It's growing season in South Texas once again. Keep up the good work on your site"

"I really liked your website, it thought it was pro (being a web developer myself)."

"Thanks - your service is great."

"You guys have been great and I would never shop anywhere else so thanks again."

"Thank you! I've been searching everywhere for a mini system!"

"Nice Customer support. Travis, Thanks for your time and help. You should give this guy a raise!"

"Thank you for your kind service."

"I recently ordered from you and really appreciated your service."

"Thanks for your fantastic service. I will look forward to getting the timer."

"I appreciate a lot your kindness and reliability, I let you know when I'll get the stuff. I would like every retailer was like AHL.... it's a pleasure to trade with you."

"Thanks for your time, help, and suggestions. I really appreciate it. You will find an order that I placed tonite for a few of the items you have suggested. I look forward to trying them out"

"I am a satisfied previous customer"

"Thanks! Great site, everything I need!"

"Thanks for your prompt reply and suggestion, Travis. I appreciate it."

"I purchased from your store about a year ago, i wanted to experiment with hydoponic cultivation. your staff at the store were extremely helpful and eager to help. Sunny was especially nice and i blame my beautiful harvest on her. Thank you very much and i will be purchasing an ebb and flow sometime next week from you guys."

"like the new site layout..keep up the great work!"

"I'd like to thank you for prompt service you're giving each of my orders"

"i just wanted to thank you for all your help,and service. and also for the upgraded lighting system."

"thank you for the prompt reply.. I am looking forward to doing business with you again. very good customer service by the way."

"Anyway thanks for the help, your page help me a lot! Thanks and have a nice day... continue your work, people like us apreciated."

"I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of the catalog I ordered. Very impressive. Also, your longevity and professionalism have impressed me. BTW, your site was the only one I found that had black 5 gal. buckets. Very cool. I will order from you when I need more supplies. Thanks again...."

"just wanted to say that your online store is so important and righteous."

"nicely done site - everything was easy to find and use."

"I enjoyed your website very much. It was organized and very helpful."

"Just received the light system yesterday. All arrived safely. It was packed wonderfully. The hood is amazing! Thank you so much for your help and I will contact you again when we set up hydroponics."

"Thanks for your prompt response. You guys are a pleasure to deal with."

"Thanks for your information and prompt response! I would also like to extend my thanks to the rest of your staff for their prompt, friendly, and valuable services. Every question I have asked, whether it be product related or other, was greeted with nothing short of professional courtesy and promptness. Your prices are competitive, your website easy to navigate, and your delivery quick. In fact, my order even came a day early. I just wanted to thank you since I know this world is filled with far too many people that don't appreciate others' efforts - so I'm appreciating yours!"

"Much nicer web site--very friendly!"

"Great new web site, I like it much better than the old one."

"Keep up the good work!"

"Last order worked out great. Thanks!"

"I would like to say that you guys at AHL are very helpful and a good business and will have a repeat customer as soon as I get some more $$$$. I will spread your web address to my friends who are interested in any MH from your store."

"I like the new site! I'm still picking hydroponic tomatoes in January in San Antonio!"

"Thanks and Bravo to whomever wrote your Indoor Garden 101 - WOW!"

"The hydroponic system that I have purchased is working wonderfully."

"Very nice site, kudos to the web crew!"

"Thanks so much, and i am VERY satisfied w/ what i received!!"

"I wanted to thank you and everyone there for the great and rapid support for the bits and pieces needed to get my system up and running."

"Thanks. It's a pleasure doing business with you again."

"I love hydroponics! All went well and my veggies are fabulous. I'm ready to start again!!"

"Like your new web site. Much nicer and quicker. "

"Thank you for your prompt service--can't be beat!"

"Thanks so much for your service and attention. Keep up the good work!"

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