Metal Halide Lights (MH)
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Metal Halide grow lights provide a balanced spectrum which is similar to tropical sunlight. They have plenty of blue light, which is the primary color that plants need for vegetative growth. Metal halide is often considered the best all-around light for plant growth, but will not produce the intense fruit or flower formation that is possible from High Pressure Sodium lamps.

Agrosun Metal Halide bulbs are available as an upgrade in most systems. These deliver a boost of 40-50% more red spectrum light over conventional metal halide bulbs.

Conversion bulbs are available for metal halide systems—these special bulbs allow your metal halide ballast to produce the spectrum of a high pressure sodium bulb. Now available...Convertible ballast systems from Hydrofarm! These ballasts operate either a metal halide or a high pressure sodium bulb with a simple flip of a switch. Get the ideal light spectrum for either vegetative growth or fruiting/flowering, without losing efficiency or purchasing expensive conversion bulbs. (Systems include only HPS bulb. Metal Halide bulb sold separately).

AHL offers an excellent selection of metal halide grow lights, ranging in size from 100 to 1000 watts. For more information about any particular brand, click on the name to see photos and system specifications. Air Cooled systems, listed below, include tempered glass safety lens, 4" duct adapters, and vent cover plate (except Valubrite 6" Air Cooled System). Blower(s) and duct tubing are SOLD SEPARATELY.

System Size Coverage Area Daily Power Cost
(18 hr / 12 hr)
1000 Watt
400 Watt
250 Watt
6' x 6'
4' x 4'
3' x 3'
$1.62 / $1.08
$0.65 / $0.43
$0.41 / $0.27


Mini Systems

Hydrofarm Sunburst
  • 400W/250W Digital Sunburst
  • MH 100 Watt Sunburst Mini
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