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Fluorescent light systems are often used to start seedlings or root cuttings. The low heat output of the bulbs allows very close placement near the tops of the young plants. Fluorescent lights may also be used to supplement sunlight for some plants such as orchids or African violets, or as a sole light source for low-light plants such as lettuce. In general, however, most fluorescent lights are not powerful enough to grow full-size plants. Traditional fluorescent bulbs emit usable light to a depth of about 8-10 inches, so once the plant reaches this height, the bottom sections will not receive enough light.

There have been some exciting developments in fluorescent technology that deliver much more light than regular fluorescent bulbs. Hydrofarm's Compact Fluorescent Light System and Designer Series T-5 products are so powerful that they can take plants through most, if not all, of their vegetative growth. The advantage of these fluorescents is that they produce so much less heat than metal halide or high pressure sodium lights. With heat eliminated or greatly reduced, lights can be placed much closer to plants for maximum efficiency.

For larger plants and the best fruit or flower development, a high intensity discharge (HID) light system, such as metal halide or high pressure sodium, is most effective. HID lights are the most energy efficient, so they produce a stronger light for the amount of power they consume. (Example: one standard 40 watt fluorescent tube emits about 2,400-3,700 lumens, while one 150 watt high pressure sodium bulb emits 16,000 lumens).

Standard Fluorescent Tube Systems

48 Inch
  • 48" Fluorescent Fixture (holds two bulbs)
  • 48" Agrosun Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb, 40 watts
  • 48” Agrobrite Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb, 40 watts
24 Inch
  • 24" Fluorescent Fixture (holds two bulbs)
  • 24" Agrosun Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb, 20 watts
  • 24" Agrobrite Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb, 20 watts

Compact Fluorescent

Hydrofarm's Compact Fluorescent light system offer very intense light to about a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area. Excellent for use over clone machines or other propogation areas. The reflector includes a grounded power cord, on/off switch, and mogul base socket. (Note: Compact fluorescent bulbs have mogul bases and cannot be used in household light sockets). The full-spectrum bulbs are excellent for seed starting or all-around use, while the warm-spectrum bulbs provide more red light for small flowering plants.

  • Hydrofarm Compact FluoroWing System
  • Hydrofarm 125 Watt Full-Spectrum Compact Fluorescent Bulb
  • Hydrofarm 125 Watt Warm-Spectrum Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Hydrofarm Fluorescents

Jump Start Grow Light System

The Hydrofarm Jump Start Systems are ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and houseplants. A simple toggle clamp makes for easy lamp height adjustment, assembles easy and its internal reflective finish directs light to plants. Comes with fixture, reflector, single T5 bulb and stand.

  • Hydrofarm 2' Jump Start
  • Hydrofarm 4' Jump Start
  • Hydrofarm Jump Start 2' stand only
T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit

The T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit includes uniquely designed hardware that allows you to link multiple reflectors together. Now you can easily create a liht configuration tailored to suit your specific growing area. Comes with fixture, reflector, bulb and special 'linking' hardware.

  • T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit 2'
  • T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit 4'

Hydrofarm Designer Series High Output T5 Fluorescents

The Hydrofarm Designer Series offers high-intensity, efficient, low heat lighting. Each 2 foot bulb emits 2000 lumens and each 4 foot bulb emits 5000 lumens. Includes hanging hardware and a five year warranty on the fixture and a one year warranty on the bulbs. Prices include bulbs.

Hydrofarm Designer Series2 ft. systems
  • Hydrofarm Designer Series 2ft, 4 bulb system (8,000 lumens)
Hydrofarm Designer Series 4 ft. Systems
  • Hydrofarm Designer Series 4ft, 4 bulb system (20,000 lumens)
  • Hydrofarm Designer Series 4ft, 6 bulb system (30,000 lumens)
  • Hydrofarm Designer Series 4ft, 8 bulb system (40,000 lumens)




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