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This section contains links to other sites. AHL does not control the information, content or opinions of sites linked from this page. Please direct questions regarding the privacy policies or data collection practices of linked sites to the companies directly. Click the title to visit each site in a separate browser window.


More information on all Hydrofarm products, including grow lights. Check out their "library" for a collection of informative articles on hydroponics, artificial lighting, and plant growth.

General Hydroponics

Check out their famous "Flora" nutrient, as well as an informative articles on hydroponics and nutrient management.

American Hydroponics

Visit American Hydroponics, makers of the Suncircle light mover, for commercial grower info, as well as a hydroponics FAQ.

Green Air Products

Go to for detailed info on their entire line of environmental controllers. The "Wonder of Plants" link is quite an education on nutrients and plant physiology.


Olivia's makes the famous cloning gel and solution. Great tips on cloning and plant propagation!

Nature's Control

The Nature's Control web site has great information on plant pests, including photos on how to identify what's eating your plants. You can also learn about the beneficial insects and natural predators available from Nature's Control.

Hydrodynamics International

The manufacturer of Ionic Nutrients, B'Cuzz Stimulators, Nitrozime and Fossil Fuel.

Sunshine Gardenhouse

Comprehensive site on our greenhouse kits, featuring photos, technical details, testimonials, and more.


Technaflora's web site gives detailed information on all their fertilizers and growth enhancers, plus suggestions and mixing charts for their various products.

The Growing Edge Magazine

Cruise over to the Growing Edge's smooth new site for one of the web's best resources on hydroponics and all kinds of innovative agriculture.

Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses Magazine

The American home of Australia's biggest hydro mag, this web site uses Flash media content to enhance your viewing (and listening!) pleasure.

Hydroton Grow Rocks

This is the English language site from the German makers of Hydroton, the world's best expanded clay grow rocks.

Seeds of Change

For the past 10 years, Seeds of Change has been devoted to selling only organic, open pollinated seeds. Look here for interesting seed varieties that you won't see everywhere, plus a wealth of information on sustainable organic agriculture. Most plants in AHL's in-store garden room are grown from Seeds of Change seeds!

Soil Secrets

The Soil Secrets line of natural and organic garden supplements is affordable, easy to use and incredibly effective!

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