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Reflective materials can be used to line the garden area to make the most use of available light. Reflective Mylar or Black & White Polyfilm will reflect stray light back to the plants--helping to get more light to lower sections that are frequently shaded by top leaves.


Hydrofarm Permaflect

Unlike traditional mylar, Permaflect can be wiped clean for long-lasting reflectivity. Giant sized roll is 54" wide, a full 6 inches wider than the rest.

  • Hydrofarm Permaflect, 54"x25'

Reflective Mylar

Mylar is a highly-reflective polyester film that can increase the efficiency of your grow light. Mylar can be up to 98% reflective, while flat white paint is just 80% reflective. Simply hang the mylar around your growing area. Mylar is most effective when it is located close to plants; for example, a garden in the corner of a room or in a small space such as a closet. However, mylar will not maintain its highly reflective finish if it is sprayed by water or foliar sprays.

Mylar is available in either a 1 mil or 2 mil thickness. 1 mil mylar is 1/1000th of an inch thick, while 2 mil is 2/1000ths of an inch thick, or about as thick as a sheet of notebook paper. Both are equally reflective, but the 2 mil is more durable and easier to hang evenly.

  • 48" x 25 ft. 1 mil Mylar
  • 48" x 25 ft. 2 mil Mylar

Black & White Polyfilm

Polyfilm is durable plastic sheeting that is black on one side (to block light) and white on the other side (to reflect light). While not as reflective as mylar, Black & White Polyfilm is much stronger and will endure misting or foliar feeding with no problems...simply clean with soap and water. 6 mil thickness. Black & White Polyfilm sheets are 10 ft. wide and sold either by the linear foot or by the 100 ft. roll.

  • Black & White Polyfilm,10'x10'
  • Black & White Polyfilm, 10'x25"
  • Black & White Polyfilm, 100 ft. roll 


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