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If you have any questions about which pump is right for your application, please contact AHL. Vinyl Tubing, Water Distributors and other fittings are available in the Tubing & Fittings section!

Submersible Water Pumps

Maxi Jet

Maxi Jet water pumps are fully submersible and very durable. Pump outlet connects directly to 1/2" tubing, and the outlet position is adjustable so the pump will lie flat on the bottom of the reservoir.

  • MJ1200 Water Pump (265 gph)
Maxi Jet Mesh Filter

Attaches to Maxi Jet pump to filter out solid particles.

  • Maxi Jet Mesh Filter

Power head is fully submersible and connects to 1/2” tubing.

  • ViaAqua 360 (48 gph)
Eco Plus

Subersible water pump connects to 1/2" tubing

  • Eco Plus 100 gph
  • Eco Plus 185 gph
  • Eco Plus 396 gph
  • Eco Plus 594 gph
  • Eco Plus 1056 gph

Air Pumps

Active Auqa Air Pump

Moves 3.2 Lt /min, 2W.

  • Active Air Single Outlet Air Pump
Active Air Dual Outlet Air Pump

Moves 7.8 Lt /min, 3W.

  • Active Air Dual Outlet Air Pump
Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump
  • Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump 6 outlet 45 lt per min
  • Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump 8 outlet 70 lt per min
  • Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump 12 outlet 110 lt per min
Air Hose
  • Air Tubing 1/4", per foot
Air Stone

Connects to 1/4" tubing and diffuses air through your solution.

  • Air Stone
  • 4" Air Stone
  • Air Stone Cylinder, small
  • Air Stone Cylinder, medium
  • Air Stone Cylinder, large
  • 4" Round Air Stone
  • 8" Round Air Stone
Flexible Air Diffuser

Connects to air pump (use 1/4" air tubing as needed to extend length). Air comes out of entire length of diffuser for maximum dispersion.

  • Flexible Air Diffuser (4ft)
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