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AHL Garden Supply is delighted to bring you these great Soil Secrets products! These versatile, all-organic supplements work great indoors and out, in both soil and hydroponic gardens. Earth Ambrosia and Earth Nectar are the exciting two-part liquid mycorrhizal inoculant that we are pleased to offer to the entire indoor garden community. The name may leave you a little tongue-tied, but the results will give you something to talk about. Superior root health, improved nutrient release and uptake, faster growth and better yields are but a few benefits of using the versatile and affordable Soil Secrets line.

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Earth Ambrosia and Earth Nectar (EA & EN)

Earth Ambrosia is a liquid humus containing a natural source of humic and Fulvic acids, made without using a harsh chemical extraction. Unlike common liquid Humic acids that use high pH based extractions to dissolve Humates, Earth Ambrosia is gently teased into solution via enzymes and microbial action on proprietary Soil Secrets Cultured Humus.

Earth Nectar is a Liquid Compost Concentrate with mutualistic microorganisms selected for their synergistic ability to stimulate optimum health of your plants. Formulated from Trees That Please Supreme Compost, Earthworm Castings, whole kelp, cultured humus, Fulvic acid, rock dust and more, digested into a liquid. Better than compost tea!

Earth Ambrosia and Earth Nectar are always used and sold as a set. Each size below represents one bottle each of that size.

  • 16 oz set Earth Ambrosia & Earth Nectar
  • 32 oz set Earth Ambrosia & Earth Nectar
  • 128 oz set Earth Ambrosia & Earth Nectar


Earth Magic and Protein Crumblies

Earth Magic and Protein Crumblies are wonderful soil builders for container gardens, yards, flower beds and just about anywhere you may find (or put) soil. For best results, use equal amounts of Earth Magic and Protein Crumblies--both are dry products that are spread on top of the soil or container. (Specific directions are listed on the packaging).

Earth Magic

Earth Magic is made from Cultured Humus, a living and viable humus charged with mutualistic Root-Tip-Colonizing microorganisms including the Mycorrhizae fungi that research has proven will optimize the health of your landscape and plants. We guarantee that there is no better source of biologically active viable humus than Earth Magic. Intended for use with Protein Crumblies.

  • Earth Magic 1 gallon
  • Earth Magic 5 gallon
Protein Crumblies

Protein Crumblies are derived from selected vegetable proteins grown for Soil Secrets and blended for the best ratios of amino acids. Soil Microorganisms are part of the Soil Food Web. Protein is a calorie source for these organisms and needed to effectively inoculate and sustain a Soil Food Web. Intended for use with Earth Magic.

  • Protein Crumblies 1 gallon
  • Protein Crumblies 5 gallon


TTP Supreme Compost

TTP Supreme Compost contains 100% wholesome ingredients, vegetable proteins from legumes, farm-grown biomass from corn, sorghum, alfalfa and potatoes; fungal compost plus Soil Secrets Earthworm Castings. No yard waste, city bio-solids, or animal manures are used.

  • TTP Supreme Compost 5 gallons

Earthworm Castings

Earthworm Castings are a natural source of soil wealth, including indigenous microorganisms for "Restoring the Biology of Soils." Soil Secrets worms are fed a diverse mix of Humus, compost, protein and other favorite foods of worms. Castings bind soil against erosion and hold water for plant use.

  • Earthworm Castings 1 gallon



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