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Fresh air is essential for healthy plant growth, especially in an indoor environment. Intake and exhaust fans are necessary to exchange air in the garden area, as well as to provide relief from excess heat and/or humidity. Circulation fans are also necessary to strengthen plant stems and to prevent stagnant air from building up around leaves. Fan capacity is expressed in CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air movement. To exchange air effectively, it should be done in 5 minutes or less. To choose the right fan(s) for your space, multiply the garden area's length x width x height. Divide this cubic volume by 5 to determine the MINIMUM CFM of air movement. In other words, your fan should be able to remove or exchange the entire volume of air in your garden area in 5 minutes or less.

Fans are available in three main styles: Axial Fans, Squirrel Cage Blowers, and Inline Centrifugal Fans.

Axial Fans

Axial fans (like the vent fans used in bathrooms) are good for moving air through a wall or ceiling, but are not efficient for moving air through tubing or ductwork. Fan cords are also available.

  • 100 CFM Axial Fan 
  • Fan Cord for Axial Fan
Inline Centrifugal Fans

Inline Centrifugal Fans, also called "tube fans" and "duct fans," are excellent for moving air through long lengths of duct tubing. Ideal for multiple air cooled light systems, and a must for use with activated carbon air filtration systems. The CFM rating is for free air movement with no resistance; actual CFM capacity will vary due to duct lengths and other factors.


All Inline Centrifugal Fans are very durable and have a five year warranty. The Vortex inline centrifugal fans have a ten year warranty.

  • 4" ActiveAir 165 CFM inline fan
  • 6" ActiveAir 400 CFM inline fan
  • 8" ActiveAir 720 CFM inline fan
  • 10" ActiveAir 760 CFM inline fan
  • 12" ActiveAir 969 CFM inline fan
  • 4" Vortex Inline Fan, 175 CFM 
  • 6" Vortex High-Output Inline Fan, 452 CFM  
  • 8" Vortex High-Output Inline Fan, 747 CFM  
  • Speed Controller for Inline Fan
Circulation Fans

These 3-speed oscillating and circulation fans are very powerful and will circulate air in a garden area. One year warranty. 

  • ActiveAir Oscillating Fan 16" (Wall mount)
  • ActiveAir Commercial 18" Ocillating Pedestal Fan
  • ActiveAir Oscillating Stand Fan 16"
  • Air King 16" Wall Mount Oscillating Fan
  • Air King Non-Oscilating Clip-On Fan 6"
Blower Flanges and Adapters
  • Single 4" Flange for 95/180 CFM Blower
  • Single 4" Flange, white (for 265 CFM blower, outflow side only)
  • ActiveAir 4" Flange
  • ActiveAir 6" Flange
  • ActiveAir 8" Flange
  • ActiveAir 10" Flange
Aluminum Ducting

High-quality aluminum duct tubing for air cooled grow lights, carbon filter air purification systems, and general intake and exhaust needs.

  • 4" Aluminum Ducting, 25 ft length 
  • 6" Aluminum Ducting, 25 ft length 
  • 8" Aluminum Ducting, 25 ft length 
  • 10" Aluminum Ducting, 25 ft length 
  • 12" Aluminum Ducting, 25 ft length 
  • PermaDuct 6" Reinforced Ducting, 25 ft length
  • PermaDuct 8" Reinforced Ducting, 25 ft length


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